I’m an expert room reader. Basically a personality chameleon, knowing how to meet my clients where they are.
No cringey directions that make you feel uncomfortable. If you’re introverted or more mellow, I'll meet you with that energy and intentional direction. If you’re more extroverted and vibrant, I’ll be your biggest “YAS QUEEN” cheerleader. One of the most important things a photographer can do is bring out YOU. Not a generic "photo statue" version of you. I’m honored and eager to do this for all my couples.

read a room


We all have those things that make us feel a little insecure.
Do you have a "good side"?
Maybe trying to look taller,
or flatter those arms?
No worries, I totally get it, and won't leave you hanging.
I have plenty of tips and tricks to hit all the best angles to help you feel confident and look amazing. No photoshop needed, baby.

and your front


I will serve both you AND your people. Your family is my family on your wedding day (and maybe after, can I come over for Thanksgiving?). I love meeting parents, in-laws, sisters, bridesmaids and most of all, those sweet grandparents. We will create a family portrait list together ahead of time, but I’m dedicated to hearing your families' requests and capturing all the things that will preserve your shared moments, and make you smile for years to come.

and your crew


Of course you want your wedding day uniquely captured -- showcasing all the sweet details of your love, and the fun with your friends and family. That's a given, but YOU. DESERVE. MORE. - someone to help you be fully present, free of stress, and actually take in the grand and priceless moments in the midst of a somewhat chaotic wedding day. 

After shooting over 150 weddings, I kinda know what's up.  In other words, this isn’t my first rodeo (unless you’re getting married AT a rodeo, and then, yeah, you’ll be my first). No matter what the day or wedding prep brings, I will be your advocate to help complete your vision. I’m not afraid of a challenge. Rain or shine, smooth or bumpy, you WILL get incredible photos that reflect your story, and peace of mind along the way.

I'm here for you. To serve you, meet your needs, answer your questions, and make recommendations. I’ll guide you through every step of the process to get you epic, effortless photos that feel true to you and the moment.


My promise To you...

it's pronounced "LIE-ZUH" ;)

I've been known to laugh until I cry & snort along the way. 

 I married my dream man 2 years ago along a lake, tucked in the middle of the woods - I'm still floating

I grew up on a farm! Having my own chickens, goats, & honeybees some day is high on my bucket list



Fun facts

You'll receive a sneak peek gallery within a week of your wedding day. Then just a few weeks later the full gallery is delivered, ready to become art on your walls!

Photo Delivery


We'll already have hashed out the timeline and details, so you show up worry free - ready to celebrate your love, dance your faces off, I'll take care of the rest!

Wedding Day!


You inquire (see "contact' page!)
After we have a quick call,  we'll finalize your custom wedding package.
Make it official, then we're off to the races!

Lock in Your Date


I'm ready!

the process

 - Katie + JD

"Liza was an absolute dream to work with! She captured the vision for our wedding day perfectly and we knew that we were in good hands since the first day we spoke with her! She instantly feels like a friend and throughout our wedding day was checking in and anticipating my needs before I even had them! All of our bridal party loved her and felt comfortable with her as well. Our photos are literally so magical and captured our love in THE most beautiful way that we will treasure for the rest of our lives. Literally cannot recommend her enough!"

" (She was) anticipating my needs before I even had them!"


I can truly say that Liza is the best out there! Having a wedding can be stressful. There are a lot of decisions to be made, but one I was certain of was to lock down her as our photographer. Liza understood our vision. She made us feel comfortable. Mike & I don’t like posing for photos. We often time think they can look fake & awkward. Almost all our photos were candid photos of real laughs with friends, real jokes, & real smiles.
She has such a positive, encouraging, thoughtful, and kind attitude. At the end of the day, my whole family felt like she became part of our family! You can see the passion she has for her job, and the desire to make each day perfect & unique to each couple.

"Liza understood our vision. She made us feel comfortable"


The finished photos are truly a work of art. Breathtaking is an understatement. It was so hard for me to choose a favorite because they were all so beautiful and stunning. Every time I look at them I re-live my day over and over again. I did not even need to look elsewhere. From seeing a few photos I knew SHE was the one for ME. If you are even considering working with Liza my question to you is WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?! There is nothing to consider. She is the sweetest, kindest soul, her work is astonishing, and she will make even the most perfect day all the better.

"If you are even considering working with Liza my question to you is WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?!"




Most full-day wedding galleries range between 700-900 images. Never have I ever been told that there weren't enough. ;) You’ll be emailed a link to an online gallery of high-res images, where you have access to download/save, share and print from directly! I know, pretty sweet.

How many photos do we get, and how do we receive them?

How long does it take to receive our photos?

Do you travel?

For sure! I know how eager you’ll be to share the exciting news. You’ll receive a sneak peek gallery within a week of your big day!

Do you offer sneak peeks?

Absolutely! After you inquire, I'll be happy to share a few full galleries with you! I often like to share galleries of a similar venue/location style for you to really see the vision.

Can we see a full gallery?

Frequently Asked Questions

You can expect up  to 6 weeks for a couple’s session, and up to 14 weeks for weddings. Each image is hand-edited, with a ton of attention to detail & a whole lotta love. Can’t rush art, baby.

Are you kidding?! It’s one of my favorite things. I keep travel super simple, and do all that I can to keep it the most cost effective for you. Let’s chat about your dream wedding destination and make it a reality!

*PRO-TIP: I offer pretty rad deals for epic, bucket list locations.* Ask me about it!

We'll chat about your vision & dream aesthetic - I'll give location guidance, styling inspo, creative direction throughout. 
I’ll follow you around on an elevated date night and make some magic! You’ll have up to 3 outfit changes, and as many location as you wanna fit into the timeframe.

What does a couple's session look like?

view galleries

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